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9 Shocking Scientific Miracles from the Quran

This video tackles some few of many examples of proofing that the Quran is the words of God the creator of everything.

Quran is a book of signs not a book of science, however, the creator has put too many scientific, numerical, historical and other subtleties that are being discovered every day.

If you are good at math... if you toss a coin, chances to get the right answer is 50% (1/2). If you roll a dice, chances to get the right answer is 16.6% (1/6). Now if you made both together (toss a coin, roll a dice), what are the chances to get the right answer? It will be 1/2 x 1/6 = 1/12 which is 8.3%.

If you continue like that with adding extra variables, probability to get all of them right together will tend to be zero.

Now by same scientific analogy, imagine someone or a group of people 1400 years ago started to make a serial of guessing of explanations such as;

- How the universe came into existence (Big Bang)
- The expansion of the universe
- The orbits of the moon and stars
- That iron wasn't part of earth originally, but came down from space by meteorites
- That moonlight is a reflection to sunlight
- The function of the atmosphere
- That the higher level we go up, the lower the Oxygen levels will be
- That all living things are made from water
- That mountains acts as pegs to stabilize the earth
- That seas has internal waves not only surface waves that we see
- The typical precise description of phases of baby creation in womb
- That the skin is responsible for pain sensation
- That the frontal lobe of brain is responsible for lying
- And many other ...

The probability to get all that 100% correct and accurate 1400 years ago tends to be zero even if by the brightest minds on earth all together. Hence, the only logical explanation that Quran is the words of God, the creator of everything.

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