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Why is the Quran a miracle?

This video will aim to touch on the many different angles we can show that the Quran is a miracle sent by Allah and how we can identify it as the word of God.


As Muslims, we believe the Quran is the word of Allah (God). If you think about it, this is an incredibly huge claim to make; it means that the text must be 100% perfect and faultless in every possible way. No error, contradiction or discrepancy in the text can be present otherwise this would invalidate its divinity.


This video touches base on many of the ways we can show how the Quran excels and why we believe Islam to be the truth, as a result. Please note that this is only a 12 minute video... 1) there are countless more points that could have been mentioned, 2) hours and hours can be spoken about many of the individual points - for that reason, I have included all the references.


The message of Islam is simple; it is the realization that there can only be one creator that is unlike any of his creation, and that we were created with a purpose. If this video has you interested in Islam... keep researching - if you genuinely believe the Quran is the word of Allah and cannot be the works of man... why not embrace Islam?

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7 Words to Understand Islam

This video explores 7 words that will gives you initial understanding of Islam:

  1. Islam

  2. Muslim

  3. Allah

  4. Muhammad

  5. Quran

  6. Sunnah

  7. Hadith

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10 Biggest Lies About Islam

This video explores 10 biggest lies about Islam:

   10- Muslims Worship a Moon God

   9- Most Muslims are Arabs

   8- Islam Oppresses Women

   7- Muslims Are Extremists

   6- Islam Is Intolerant of Other Faiths

   5- Jihad Means Holy War

   4- Islamic Prayer Doesn't Have Any Meaning

   3- Jesus Is Irrelevant In Islam

   2- The Crescent Moon Is the Symbol of Islam

   1- Muhammad is the Founder of Islam

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Introducing Islam

This video explores Islam fundamentals.

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Why the majority of Muslim reverts are women? - Islam in Women (Documentary)

Despite the huge misconceptions transimited by media about Islam, that it degrades and oppresses women, statistics show that 75% of reverts are women.

This documentary video uncovers the reality about women's value in Islam away of all misconceptions done by media.

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