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These pamphlets are  created by we aim at spreading it in multiple languages.

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Introduction to Islam

Way of life .. Close relationship with God .. Clear concept of God .. Universal & timeless message

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The Quran

The final revelation to mankind .. God words .. A miraculous book

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Prophet Muhammad

You should know this man!


A Prophet of God .. Muslims love & believe in Jesus

Science in Islam

Scientific miracles examples

What is the Purpose of Life?

Where did i come from? Why am i here? Where am i going?



An islamic perspective

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Why Islam?... Beauty of Islam

Are all religions the same? How do i know which is correct? Why should i choose Islam?

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About Islam

A brief introduction

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Misconceptions About Islam

What do you really know about Islam? Which image has media portrayed for you?

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Why Islam?... Beauty of Islam

Frequently asked questions.

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About Islam

The fundamentals of a Muslim life.

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Women Rights In Islam

Respected... Honored... Cherished


The Hijab

Devotion to God, modesty, dignity.

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The Burqa & Niqab

Uncovering the facts.

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Islam Is Not Extremism

Islam denounces terrorism.

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Death & Hereafter In Islam

Reality of death... Moment of death... Purpose of life... Day of Judgement... Paradise & Hell.

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The Mercy of Allah (God)

Uncovering the facts.

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